Tips For Maintaining Your Sporting Equipment

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Once you purchase and start using your sporting equipment, it will start to show some wear and tear.  Even if you purchase high end equipment and clothing, you will want to care for it in the proper way right from the start.  One popular brand that people are purchasing is patagonia clothing.  This clothing lasts long and will ensure that you are protected while out being active.

When traveling around to different sporting equipment companies we stopped in at a Beaver Sports location and started to ask questions about the best way to maintain our sporting equipment.  Here are a few of the answers they gave us.

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Wash it off

You want to wash off your equipment after each use.  When we are outside, we will have our equipment in the grass, in water, out in the sun and basically bombarded by the elements.  When this happens, germs and other contaminants will get on it.  You can remove them by washing off your equipment before putting it away.

Use it properly

Another thing that they said is that you need to use it properly.  This means don’t use your ski poles as fencing swords or your fishing line to catch animals in the backyard.  You want to use your equipment correctly to ensure that they last a long time and that you don’t hurt yourself or others.

Let stains soak

If you get grass stains, blood or other debris on your clothing and they make a stain, you want to allow them to soak.  This soaking process will allow the dirt and stains to break up and come out of your clothing.  When this happens, your clothing will look brand new.

Keep everything inflated

You will typically play with balls.  These balls will typically have air in them.  If they do, you want to have them properly inflated.  If they start to lose air you will want to have them checked and re-inflated.  This way you will not cause damage to yourself or your equipment.